Top Reasons Why You Need To Service Your Boiler Before Winter

It is that time of the year when you’re getting ready because winter is just around the corner. You’ve got your room heater serviced, got new windows to reduce the drafts in the room. But, you missed getting the boiler serviced.

It is quite easy actually because you might need hot water throughout the year but not heating. However, it’s important that you service the boiler before winter arrives.

boiler servicing

Most experts such as advise to have it serviced every now and then instead of doing it annually. You can do that or go for the annual servicing right before winter comes.

So, here are some of the most common reasons why it’s important to service the boiler, especially before the cold sets in:

1. Cheaper than a new boiler

Your existing boiler may have become faulty and you’re waiting to buy a new one before the winter sets in. That can actually turn out to be an expensive decision. New boilers are downright expensive. You think that spending a few more pounds will give you a brand new boiler but that money can go up to hundreds or even thousands. Servicing the boiler can be a much cheaper alternative. There are experts who can make your old boiler work like new.

2. Peace of mind

If the boiler has been acting up recently and you don’t know why, get it serviced right away. Don’t leave it till late because you will need hot water desperately when the winter comes. Be it at night or during the day, you won’t survive if there is no hot water. Plus, you can enjoy a bit of a discounted price if you get the boiler serviced before the winter. Many boiler technicians offer discounted deals and the servicing can be completed quickly too.

3. For warranty claims

Most boilers come with a precaution of getting it serviced annually. If it is not serviced for over 12 months, you may lose the warranty on the boiler. So, if all of a sudden the boiler breaks or stops working for some reason, you will not be able to get the claims for repairs. Make sure that the servicing is done at least once annually, preferably before winters.

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4. Saves energy

A faulty boiler can use up more energy than you think. Not only is it costly in the first place but it can become an added pain if it does not work properly at times. On servicing it on time, you can get away with the extra consumption of energy and won’t have to pay a huge electricity bill. When the boiler’s efficiency increases, it tends to use less energy. Even old boilers that supposedly do not have any problem while running can use more energy. That is why they should be serviced so that their efficiency is improved.

5. Easier to understand problems

This is probably one of the reasons why getting the boiler fixed before the winter will do a lot of good for you and your family. It is never a great decision to leave the servicing late, especially when it comes to your boiler. You may need hot water every day. But, it is the winter when you need it the most. On getting the boiler serviced early, your plumber can identify the problems easily and get it fixed without you having to pay extra charges for it. The damages are addressed before they it gets out of hand and becomes more expensive.

6. Keep your family safe

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Every year there are hundreds of carbon monoxide poisoning cases that happen because of leaked boilers. This can kill children and hospitalise adults too. Moreover, why wait for your boiler to start creating problems and then get it repaired?

It would be so much better for everyone to use a good boiler throughout the year. This can happen when you get it serviced well before time.

Try not to think of servicing your boiler as an added responsibility. It will only delay your decision to service your boiler. Winter is coming so get it serviced now for you and your family’s peace of mind.